Sunday, January 28, 2007

Is it wrong to wish that time could go quicker
Just so this could be over?
'Cause I know Time is precious..
but I'm not living life to the full
"And all we had, was the memory of what was.
So lets pretend, this never mattered to us.."
'Pens and Needles' - Hawthorne Heights

Monday, January 15, 2007


I pay for those I wish to protect
And they pay through their ignorance
That I would die for you, and you not realise?

Am I a fool to take on your burdens?
You have taught me to be so foolish then.
I blame you and I thank you for a lot of who I am
But please understand that you aren't fully responsible any longer

I am a product of all that has touched me,
And the world has touched me,
Despite your efforts to keep me safe.
You no longer know what is best for me.
I know this is hard to understand.

I believe in things which you have not taught me
And don't believe in things you have.

This umbilical cord exists only in your mind...
It has long since been cut.

"Time takes too much time,
Please make the waiting stop"
Moloko - 'The Time is Now'

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Will somebody explain to me
The lesson this teaches me?
I miss the moral.
I miss the moral, help me!

I cannot see past my anger...!
I cannot see through my pain.
If anyone understood,
Would they do the same?

I seek reassurance,
Yet it evades me
For noone can ever know the whole story,
Save me