Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When your blog is not soppy enough, fill it!

Dear Mrs Leila *********,

It has come to my attention that there are certain things in life which are worth every second of conscious and unconscious thought.
Plain and simple, you are those thoughts and only you. I have also discovered what it means to love and be loved. I have discovered what it means to have someone so close to my heart and soul that they can climb inside and light a fire. Not just any little camp fire but a raging waterfall of fire! I cant tell you how glad I am that this kind of raging fire cannot be extinguished. It will continue burning for as far as I can see!

I trust that the aforementioned thoughts are in your best interests and that you will take to heart, my feelings.

Kind Regards and Volee at the top of my lungs, Mr Duncan *******

PS. You are the only thing I think of when the word Beautiful comes to mind
All the dark hills we stumble by night
All the little valleys we day or night dream in
Belong to you
You are king of these lands in my head

Snippets of a sunset

The darkness is eating the world from the ground up
We could be sinking into the jaws of some giant
Who puts all the elements on hold,
And puts our days on pause

Bright fire orange!
It must be the very pits of his soul we have reached
And the last few clouds, scratchmarks in the sky.
Like some desperate attempt of the sun to escape

Your eyes, like the top of the sky turned three times brighter and bluer

The baby blue descending on the orange
And the moon, the giant's eye, a slit
In the moment before he sleeps
Like he wants one last glimpse of his lover
Before sleep catches him and takes his sight
Some desperate attempt to dream of her
If she is the last thing he catches sight of

One little slit, before he can't hold it any longer

Like us, every night
Every lonely night
Every night I sleep next to your shadow
Every moment I walk in your wake
And you in mine
But so far away

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Is it right
To pull me up on mistakes

that are one in a hundred

Is it fair
To fail me on things you weren't testing me on

I am scared
You scare me so

And this heavy sinking feeling in my stomach
Might pull me down and drown me
If you don't save me

If you know I am not selfish
why do you pull me up on things that make me selfish
When it is a weak point of mine
When I constantly wonder if I am selfish or not
And you are the one who needs to reassure me
You do but everytime you did now means nothing
Because of what you just said

Why do you remember things that I do not

Why do you cry more than me
And make me feel guilty
For crying and making you feel guilty
And for your tears
But you're so pretty when you cry

I just want to be perfect to you
The only person who I need to be perfect for
But you call me imperfect


I am so weak for loving you
So weak for forgiving you
So weak

I will forgive you one thousand times
Without you asking
I fear I may have to beg for yours

and one thousand times I will upset you
Because of my mistakes

Do I make them too often
Or do you just wait for them

My heart, it is heavy

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

They call them friends
But they lie to me...
Lie lie lie lie lie lie lie
In my eyes

Friday, April 10, 2009

I need help
On what do we base our decisions?
- On what is most important to us...?
What if what is most important today isn't as important to us tomorrow?
- On something stable?
Can we trust anything to remain so?
How do I advise my lover when my heart is too much in it and I cannot bear to be without him, but I love him so much that I need him to make the right choice?
I feel as though I am the obstacle that hinders the situation I now assess.

Is there time?
Is there time?
To follow just one desire?
Is there time?
Is there time,
To follow your heart?
Of one thing I am certain, that we will be together.
But does this make for foolish decision making?
Is this a wise base for him or me to make our decisions on, yet?

I am scared. But not scared.

We are getting older.

What do I do?