Sunday, May 27, 2007

She wanted -
To take all his pain away from him
To drink his fear
To make him strong
She would hurt for him
All for his love

His love was her water
She could not drink enough
All he wanted was to hold her

His nights were his downfall
That he could not sleep by her side
She would be there for him
But they held her back
They held her and they tied her
And they would not let her be free

She sat at her desk
And listened to the birds sing outside
And believed they sang for her
Just for her

She saw words that weren't there
She told him it wasn't fair
Nothing ever is
Not where love creeps in

He tried to remember
A time when he didn't love her so
And he could
But she could not conceive the cave he would leave if he left
And so she would not let him go

The faces watching them
She could not pretend
And he didn't care

Tell me

I used to tell you everything
When you had time for my pain
An ear for my words
Hold me again?
Is it time to move on
Have I held on too long
Have we changed
This doesn't feel right anymore
You don't even fight anymore
Not for me
Say it for me
'Cause I can't say goodbye
Don't look back
If you don't want to see me cry

Thursday, May 17, 2007

"hey pumpkin,
just feel that i should let you know
that you're a great person
and must never change"

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dear J,

There's so much I want to say to you
That I know I never will.

I feel that now,
I'll never kiss your lips again
Nor feel your touch.

I can't miss you yet,
I can't feel anything at all
Except sick
Sick and falling to pieces
From what you put me through
- Did you know?

I never once told you I loved you
Was I wrong for thinking I did?

I understand none of your actions
I know not why you ever wanted me

Would you -
Please tell me why you say you care
When you don't
I don't blame you for loving another
And I can't feel angry at you
I can't feel anything at all

I think you should know
That I could never feel the same
For anyone but you

Would you keep this piece of my heart?
On second thoughts - no
I desire you to have nothing of me
And don't you ever tell me you were sorry,

Don't ever tell me you loved me!

This is where it ends.

You didn't know -
How my heart skipped a beat
How much it all meant to me
More than you could know.

Please tell me what you felt
What it was I saw in your eyes..

If you thought of someone else
When I closed your eyes -
Don't tell me now
If you wished I were her

If I am not your first,
Your only
I will not be yours
I won't be your toy any longer

You haven't left me with much
I can't feel the same
I can't feel the same
I can't feel the same

Please tell me why
Even if it hurts to hear
That you never felt this
Not for a moment

It didn't mean a thing

Tell me,
How often you thought of me
In the weeks between
Because I thought of you everyday

I am missing a heart
Which surrendered itself to you

I wish you happiness
While you sleep by her side
I wish her all the love
You never could give to me
I am cold and I am lonely
And I cannot blame you for anything
Except pretending

It hurts to know you lied
It hurts to know you led me on
More than anything
It tears me apart to know that
You don't love me
You never did.

I only wish I understood
Your intentions
Were they ill
Or simply thoughtless

This is goodbye.
the silence speaks volumes