Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You ask if I miss him....?

Does the tree miss each and every leaf it loses in winter, I think it does
Or the buck miss his brother when brother is eaten by a lion
Do the trees miss the wind when the wind doesn't blow
Or the sunflowers miss sun when it doesn't shine
Does the day miss night because they can't exist at once?
Or a person miss their love, if that love they have lost
Does the insane man miss his sanity
A bankrupt man his money
A widowed woman her husband
A dead man his life?
Does a man whose wife cheated and left him for her lover, miss his wife?

Yes, I miss him.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I get it, I'm a bad person.
The question is, can I live with it?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

No, I don't wait, to hear your tears when you leave; though I know you deserve them. I gave my inner tears to you, to cry them, but mine still remain, so I have only made more. Justice is justice, for a crime intention is not key. I am made of justice, this is what I believe, so please don't make me hurt.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh - no one could now how my heart hurts! - While the blood within my very veins is away. I will postpone my existence, I live only for his return.

No one, No one, could warm my frozen heart!
Or ever replace him - While the wind itself laments the injustice of his not being beside me. When nature has relinquished reason and rationale, Because I, possess none.

I walk but cannot escape my head, and talk but hear nothing save his voice, So I could talk forever more. Even my hurting is so sweet to me for it chains my heart to his - and his is the paradise of my existence, something sweeter than the golden streets of heaven itself!

Why live? If not for our love? Why move, why carry on when no purpose compares to this universal meaning? I can see his face in the sun, between the clouds, in the flowers - on the ground - but each image eludes me the closer i come - the quicker I reach

Ecstacy! Ecstacy is mine in the moments you touch me!
If only they were more -
every step you take further weighs like another world completely on the very base of my being -
soon, i will sink, through ground and water - eternally
but even as my lungs embrace their asphyxiation it is his perfect hands which will save me, caress me, comfort and love me. For he gives me everything I need and then he leaves me needy once more - but the whisper of his promise repeats - Forever, Forever. Forever. Forever. - it is the food of my soul, I need not eat. I need not drink but his juices - need not smell but his perfume - which i would suffocate in gladly, for him in my lungs is bliss, though him within me is torture because i know he cannot stay indefinitely.

My lover, cherry of my heart, I scream to the mountains for you to return but only god hears me - i scream your name in my sleep but i sleep alone, i stare in every direction willing you to appear. That i could explode in this love and come back to suffer it once again - that i could wrap myself around you and sink into your skin. Would you keep me then?

"Love is strong as death"
By Grand Central Station, I Sat Down and Wept
Elizabeth Smart

Monday, February 16, 2009


its not the i love you in the morning
or the rose that's just the right colour
it's not the way you tell me i'm gorgeous
or that you're the perfect lover

it's when i'm innocently walking
and you fart next to me
and i can smell it
and that not even the shower is sacred
it's the way you only take ten seconds-
to do the important things
its the bathroom floor and the litter you leave there
its the way you can dress like a hobo
and i won't care
it's the spicy food that makes your eyebrows sweat
and the way you let me make you wear an alice band
if you can call it an alex band
the way you pinch or bite me too hard and hurt me
or massage my (sore) knee and almost paralyze me
the way you interrogate your gran about me
and how your feet are always dirty
but you insist on putting them near me
its the way you try to rob me of sugars in my tea
and how you pat my head when i wee
its how your cat scratches me
the dogs ignore me
you finish all the m&m's
that's how i know you love me

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What do we do?

What do we do when a loved one is hurting, if we cannot take the pain on our shoulders for them? For taking their pain we introduce our dilemma to them, although solving the first.
What do we do when we have acted from emotion, and hurt a loved ones feelings? For our feelings have been allieviated, or lessened, but are replaced by guilt.
What do we do when we know we cannot change a loved one, but a loved one's behaviour is wrong, and hurts us? Do we have any other choice but to keep quiet, and to hurt?
What do we do, when we aren't sure of anything we ever think, because it changes daily? Do not think, or wait?... how long can we wait for?
What do you do when you doubt your own heart, express it or suppress it, hurt a loved one or hurt yourself? How do you decide?
Must we all be selfish? Why then do we try to fix the selfish ones?
What do we do?